Thursday, February 23, 2012

LuxFibre / LuxFiber - The Real FAQ

Based on my experience with LuxFibre, here are some of the question you wish would be answered in the LuxFibre FAQ.
How long does it take for me to be connected?
In my case it took 4 month. Be prepared to wait, they claim the demand is high.
Do I get Fiber-Optics to my home?
Not necessarily. At least LuxFibre-30 is actually VDSL (FTTN). According to other sources, the LuxFibre-50 and LuxFibre-100 options could actually be FTTH.
What about the Fibre-Optics FAQ on the homepage?
All that applies only if you actually get fiber. This includes the speed promises.
The Internet-FAQ does apply.
So what speed do I get?
If you do get fiber-optics, you should get the full speed.
If you end up with VDSL, you get the maximum your line will give you. In this respect P&T is great - other carriers only give you whatever they think the line will do. In my case, I get 15/5 (promise: up to 30/10)
What about my phone line?
You will have a VOIP phone line. In practice this means that your analog phone needs to be plugged into your router. If you had multiple phone jacks in your house before, you are now limited to just this one.
Extra features on the phone line?
It seems like I now have number transmitted on both incoming and outgoing calls. This has changed from before.
And my IP address?
You will get a real IPv6 address (you may need to Enable IPv6 on the P&T site and on your router.)
You will get a private (NATed) IPv4 address.
What if I want a real IPv4 address?
You can book this separately as an option. It costs a little extra. Unfortunately you cannot request it on the phone, you have do to so in writing. I requested mine about 8 business days ago and it still have not got it.
What about my Integral package with unlimited download volume?
Beware! Some people I've spoken with said that their Integral was disabled, and that they raked up quite a high bill in the first month! Therefore I immediately checked with their support, and apparently my Integral package was kept.