Wednesday, February 1, 2012

LuxFibre 30 - Fraudulent labeling

I was really excited: "P&TLuxembourg is very pleased to announce that Ultra High Speed internet access will be available in the Grand Duchy in September 2011! [...] For some years now, P&TLuxembourg has been actively preparing to install fibre optics throughout the country. Many districts are thus already connected and prepared for the commercial launch. The commercial name for the Ultra High Speed connection will be "LuxFibre". It will give Luxembourg households internet access at record speeds of up to 100 Mbit/s for both downloading and sending information, which is much faster than current residential connections.

When the offer is launched in September 2011, around 85% of households will be able to connect at speeds of up to 30 Mbit/s and around 25% for speeds of up to 100 Mbit/s.

See the full article LuxFibre at P&T.

Unfortunately, in September when LuxFibre started, my address was not eligible.

However in October I checked again, and LuxFibre-30 is available. The promised speed: 30 MBit downstream, 10 MBit upstream. Check out the LixFibre Homepage. Note that the only claim on that page is "Ultra high-speed internet access". Indeed, except for the name "LuxFibre" there is no promise of Fibre anywhere.

Of course, when you click on "FAQ", there is a special FAQ for "La Fibre Optique", explaining how the optical fiber works, and what appliances are needed. Read again: There is no connection between LuxFibre-30 and the FAQ about fiber optics. There is none. Would there be any obvious connection, then P&T would be falsely advertising. They are not. They are advertising "ultra high speed".

Today ( Feb 1st, about 3 month after I ordered ) I finally got LuxFibre-30. I was excited. Finally, a next-generation fiber-optical Internet? Then why did the technicians not put in a new optical cable? Why is all they added yet another vDSL Splitter? The answer is simple:

LuxFibre-30 is vDSL!

Now, as you can see from the links above, it is clearly my fault that I assumed just because it has "Fibre" in the name, that it would have anything to do with Fibre-Optics. It is also my fault, that I assumed, since there is an FAQ on fiber-optics, which claims fiber is soo much better than ADSL, that I would not get just another DSL.

It is even my fault that I did not see the fine print, where it states that 30/10 is the maximum speed, and since I'm too far away from the next  station, I only get 15/5 [at the full price of 30/10!]. By the way: the FAQ states, that with fiber-optics, distance to the next station would not be an issue anymore, unlike with ADSL.....