Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jetty 6 vs. Jetty 7

There are several differences between Jetty 6 and Jetty 7:

  • Most classes have been renamed from org.mortbay to org.eclipse and sometimes moved to a different path. Find the new class names in the Jetty 7 JavaDoc. This applies to most settings in jetty.xml and web.xml.
  • Jetty 7 comes with fewer plugins. Important extras such as JSP support are missing from the standard distribution.
  • Jetty 7 includes several bugfixes. Example: Taking a port from xinetd did not work with Jetty 6 on my machine.

More information is at the Porting to Jetty 7 page.


  1. Hi Max,

    Need some info related to SSORealm in Jetty 7.

    I am working on porting my application from jetty 6 to 7. When I went through the docs of Jetty 7 I understood that the login and authentication mechanism has completely changed in Jetty 7 i.e UserRealm changed to loginservice and SSORealm has been completely removed.

    Like we have substitute for Userrelam , do we have any built in substitute or implementation of SSORealm ?

    How Jetty 7 handles SSO ?

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