Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Enabling JSP support in Jetty 7

As Jetty 6 failed to use the port inherited from xinetd, I have to use Jetty 7. Unfortunately Jetty is missing the JSP support by default. Here is how to enable it:

  1. Download the Jetty 6 distribution.
  2. Copy the jsp-2.1 folder to the Jetty 7 lib/ folder.
  3. You can check if it works by running java -jar start.jar --list-options
  4. Edit start.ini to include jsp-2.1 in the OPTIONS line.


  1. Thank you for the name change! I appreciate it!
    I do like your content also which is why I'm now following it!

  2. You could also download jsp-2.1-glassfish
    If you rename 'jsp-2.1' folder to plain 'jsp' then you would include 'jsp' in start.ini instead of 'jsp-2.1'

  3. There is a Jetty FAQ for this at