Thursday, April 1, 2010

Configuring Jetty 7 standalone for JNDI

Configuring Jetty 7 for JNDI can be a bit tricky. If you miss any of these points, you may end up passing JNDI parameters, but they will not be available in your webapp.

  1. Ensure the plus libraries are loaded. You can to this by adding the option plus in Jetty's start.ini
  2. Ensure jetty is configured to use the plus configuration classes. You can do this by adding the following inside the context, or the jetty-env.xml:
      <Set name="ConfigurationClasses">
        <Array id="plusConfig" type="java.lang.String">

    The documentation suggests adding etc/jetty-plus.xml to the startup, which would make this configuration available as plusConfig to refer to. This did not work on my machine.

You can now continue with Passing parameters to Jetty 7 via JNDI.

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