Monday, January 25, 2010

Why (not) 64 bit

Why 64 Bit Windows

Most chosen actual reason:

  • Because you payed a lot of money for that new 64 bit processor and feel cheated if you don't use it

Technical Reasons

  • You really have an Applications which needs more than 4 GB of memory. (In most cases: You don't, unless you run a large database or huge self-written scientific applications). Use the system profiler to find out how much memory you actually need.)
  • Your System has more than 3,5 GB of memory (3 GB for Windows XP) and you actually need it.

Why not 64 Bit Windows

  • Because you don't need it (see above)
  • Drivers support is incomplete
  • Some applications don't work
  • Many programs are installed twice: in the 32bit and 64bit versions, and some plugins work in one, but not the other. Notable Examples: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Explorer

Biggest Myth

  • a 64 bit OS is not faster than a 32 bit OS!

Please note: Most of this is also true for 64 bit Linux.