Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jetty vs. Tomcat

When setting up a new webserver, I decided to evaluate Jetty as an alternative to Tomcat. I have previousely used Tomcat, and was content with it. Here is what I've found:
  • Implement recent JSP and Servlet standards
  • Can easily run .WAR files
  • Are pretty fast when serving content (speed comparisons on the web show only minor differences)
Pro Jetty:
  • Jetty uses less memory
  • Jetty seams more "lightweight"
Pro Tomcat:
  • Tomcat is very well documented - Jetty Documentation is sparse and targeted towards Java developers. The Jetty config file is (intentionally) like coding
  • I know Tomcat by now
As the machine I am using now is low on memory, I decided to give Jetty a try. However, installing it was not easy. But that's a topic for the next post.


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